High Speed Photography – The Frozen Motion

High speed photography belongs to the highlights and culmination of the art and science of photography. Indeed, the world around us is in constant motion, and it is only the high speed photography, which is capable of capturing things in motion and showing us what really happens during those tiny fractions of seconds while some extremely speedy phenomenon occurs.

Speaking technically, high speed photography refers to either taking a photograph at a high sensitive level to create the frozen motion effect and reduce to zero the motion blur or to capturing a series of frames at a high frame rate to demonstrate how things change during high speed motion. Along with certain technical requirements for the camera, such as high quality photo sensor with high sensitivity and a good shuttering system, high speed photography is also about an exceptional level of photographer’s expertise and skills.

We have gathered the examples of high speed photographs to illustrate both the complexity of such kind of photography art as well as to show some unbelievable effects, which can be received with this technique. From falling water drops to moving flames and from a running sportsman to a blow of wind – these photographs show the moments, which a human eye can never catch. This gallery reveals new and exciting shades of the usual and familiar to all of us phenomena. It is pretty an unusual feeling to learn how a photograph, which is static by its nature, can illustrate so vividly the speed and motion around us.

Glass Breaking by Ferrell McCollough

THE BIG BANG THEORY by Lyiana Ezzaty, Farhan Adenan and Azmi Rosli

Splash by Stewart Smith

High Speed Experiment by Kevin Smith

High Speed Balloon Popping by kimlong

Balloon Burst by Rich Allen

Liquify II by KevLewis

Fast Food by KevLewis

Water Drops by abiel-upt

PJ Mix 2 by Nino Batista

Crystal Rose by Geoffrey Jones

Exploding Icons by Jasper Nance

Drops Collision 6 by Mohammad Al-Mumen

Fast Food by Kovácsics Judit

The Ring of Fire by KevLewis

Splash by Kovácsics Judit

Milk SPLAT II by La-Vita-a-Bella

Solar Flares by KevLewis

Space .. the final frontier by KevLewis

Mountain Lightning by spigget

Red Rain by KevLewis

Explosion by Brendan Baker

Green by Steve Strawn

Drippy by Dasha Denger

Milk Confetti by La-Vita-a-Bella

Breaking Free by Andreas Stridsberg

A lampshade or a liquid hat? by Andreas Stridsberg

.LIFE IS GOOD. by Jessica Poitevin Taju

Doube Trouble by KevLewis

Refreshhhh by Roberto Roseano

Transformation by MadSplash

Splash n.14 by Roberto Roseano

White Drops by Andreas Stridsberg

Dance in the dark by Vitaliy Sokol

M I L K B O W L by Louis Anthony Tobias Neville

Playing with Water n.1 by Roberto Roseano

Mist by Steve Strawn

POP by Kevin Bishop

Sauron’s Eye by Philip Peterson

Howler by MadSplash

Spaces between spaces by Vitaly S. Alexius

Red White Blue by Justin Moraczewski

Black by Steve Strawn

Bullet and the Egg by deviantlittlegirl

Flyers by Derrick Senior

Pour by laqueli

Chasing… by Syaheir Azizan

Shattered Soul… by funkybizkit


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