Reflections – the Pictures from Wonderland

The first glass mirrors appeared at the very dawn of the Christian Era. However, people noticed the ability of some particular objects, such as polished stones or metal plates, to reflect other objects many and many thousands years ago. However, perhaps, the earliest mirrors known to people were those, created by Nature. The reflections, appearing on the water surfaces of the lakes and rivers have always attracted people’s attention, forming really exciting visual effects and creating some kind of a fine verge between a real world and its reflection.

The same masterpieces of reflection art can be found on the wet pavement of a busy night city or on the beach sand right after a wave moves back to the ocean. Actually, even a rain drop can reflect a huge universe around, when captured by a skillful photographer with a creative vision. We have collected some prominent examples of digital photography, illustrating reflection in its multiple forms and appearances.  Visual effects, resulting from such reflection, really surprise and astonish and so does the variety of emotions and feelings, expressed by such reflections. Though the reflection object is nothing but a mirrored image of the live object, it often feels like the whole landscape and scenery changes or modifies with the presence of reflection. What is this? The fanciful yet true art of the Mother Nature or, maybe, it is just another evidence, proving the boundless capabilities of our own imagination?

Reflections at Empress Place, Singapore by Ann Liat Lim

Winter reflections by Mariam I. Almazroui

Reflections, Prestwick beach by sKIll3ss

Reflections by mmhhrr

Reflections, Coastal Queensland, Australia by downpoured

Deep reflections by AZskylineGTR

Cafe reflections by Matthew Hovey

Reflections by Samantha Stahura

Reflections of a cold day by firesign24-7

Reflections of a flower by Andreas Stridsberg

HDR Reflections by MajorDisaster

Lake at sunset HDR 04 by Iulian Dumitrescu

Spring Sunset HDR 01 by Iulian Dumitrescu

Reflections by Alok Paleri

Late hour fishing HDR by Iulian Dumitrescu

Reflection, HDR lake near the Rocky Mountains by pixllmania

Reflection by DarkSaiF

Fire Water no HDR version by Tony Taffinder

Reflection Enough to Cry by Kadir Murat Tosun

Reflection by Jason Lavengood

Just A State Of Mind by Dennis Chunga

Dawn Reflected by Tony Taffinder

Light at the End HDR by Tyler Smith

Edge of the Canal 2 by Tall John

Drops of Parliament by B4ldo

Sinking by Juha M. Kinnunen

The Royal Pavilion by Tim Wilkinson

Summer Pier by Marc Radford

Mazda 3 reflection from GTI by Jeff Hardesty

Battle in the Sky by Justin Schmauser

Vanishing point by Will Murdoch – George Allen

Gomorrah Road by Marc Radford

Reflections by Roel Riphagen

Splash by Beezqp

Glass by Andrew Leatherbarrow

V.A.S.T by Mohd Tarmizi

Faraway by Phil Ewels

Sparkling bank by Fjelltroll

Reflect by Jina Creighton

Waters2 by Hoertie

All glass and circle by dandude666

Wawa Dam Panorama by jdeepan

A grand day out by theoden06

Alien Reflections 2 by nichirst

Spheres at Home by Natasha T. Z

Regeneration by Sortvind


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