The Best Photo Manipulation Tutorials on the Web

The Best Photo Manipulation Tutorials on the Web

The capabilities of modern image editing programs, such as Photoshop, really amaze. Stunning visual effects and unbelievable photo manipulations – these are, perhaps, the most vivid applications of Photoshop. Cruzine magazine has always positioned itself as the source of the most up-to-date practical information and experience, related to graphics and design, and we are now offering a series of tutorials on photo manipulation. These are the best practices from the graphics design industry, which would be of interest for both professional and amateur designers.

These photo manipulation tutorials present easy-to-follow guidelines on using particular tools and instruments with the purpose of creating a particular visual effect. Graphics design gurus share their practical experience and reveal their secrets, explaining complex notions in simple words. If you have ever wanted to play with graphics and manipulate with your photos, this is the best time and place to start. Choose a particular style of photo manipulation or final visual effect from the list below and follow the instructions: you’ll get the description of the process, explanation of the tools and techniques, as well as the sequence of actions for creating a particular visual effect.

We have searched for these best photo manipulation tutorials throughout the entire Web and here they are: interesting to read, easy to follow, and rewarding to be learned… We believe you will find these tutorials really helpful for mastering the best photo manipulation techniques.

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