Warrior Cartoons – the New Look to the Eternal Theme

Though the times of noble warriors, arrayed with hauberks and armed with swords, passed away centuries and even thousands of years ago, these epic characters (some heroic and some – not really heroic) can still be met these days in multiple cartoons, movies, computer games, etc. Stemming out from boundless imagination of graphic designers and their outstanding drawing skills, modern warriors interpretations still attract our attention, expressing the bravery, power, and military values… Have a look at some of the graphic works, featuring warriors, which Cruzine magazine has selected for you. Here you will find some really scaring creatures with obvious warlike air, as well as pretty noble, righteous knights. Even female warriors with the truly seducing appearance can be met here.

With the wide popularity of multiple desktop and especially online games, the theme of warriors has received a new life and further evolution. Graphic designers utilize all their imagination to create new and new types of outfits, unprecedented weapons and warrior characters themselves. Today, warriors are not only humans – aliens, dragons, mysterious giants and trolls – it is even hard to enumerate all types of warriors, modern graphic designers have given rise to.

It is said that the struggle between Good and Evil is eternal. Since the wars are never ending on planet Earth and the interest to warriors (even if they are only computer-generated images) still exists, this statement seems to be true. The struggle still continues, only its form is changing…

HOKUKAGE-NTS character concept by HOON

Angel Warrior 2 by Andrew R. Chandler

Pig-warrior by Petja Evlogieva

Raekwon Faerideos by VyrL

African Warrior by Travis

Warrior by Comunidad Cordobesa

Atlantean Warrior by Anthony Aguinaldo

Warrior by Brett Jubinville

She-Ra by Eamon O’Donoghue

Warrior Sketch by Rodrigo

Lionheart by Gene Kelly

Warrior by John

Ariel: Bearer of the Trident by Steevin

Restauro … il monaco by Ciro Falsanisi

Conan by Fernando Dominguez

Warrior by Tarasil

The Fallen Warrior by Rivall

Firehand by Igor Wolski

JAYCEN WISE by Chris Bourassa by Jaycen Wise

TFA_OC_Lazerwing by Flamehusky

Onion Warrior by Cimurr

This is SPARTA by Jeff Victor

TW-warrior by Diego

NahgaWangsa- Nusantara Warrior by Cheah Yew Chung

Blood Elf by Ziv Qual

Warrior posed by Sascha Kozacenko

Aphashia, Lizardman Warrior by Francis Brunet

The Priest standing composition by Alterton

Mage and Warrior by Guangjian Huang

Desert warrior by Grzegorz Krysinski

Dinosaur and warrior by Kim

Mole Warrior by Kseronarogu

Wuling Warrior by Kevin Yan

Warrior of Mist by Jason Engle

Orc Rage Warrior by Scott Purdy

Rome warrior by Hannu

SEGA’s VIKING – Skarin by Michael Kutsche

Storm Crusade by Jason Engle

Comission: Warrior Woman 2 by Vinicius Menezes

Confrontation by Jason Engle

Risen Protector by Peter Mohrbacher

Warblazer: Dark Archer by Daniel Lucanu & Ismael Municio

Warblazer: WarRider by Daniel Lucanu & Ismael Municio

Eric the Red – Viking by Johannes Holm

Witchking – WIP by Raymond E Gaustadnes

He Who is Left: Jishmael by Nick


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