70 Free Quality Grunge Fonts

70 Free Quality Grunge Font

The eighties of the previous century have introduced a new alternative music style, known as grunge. The term itself is derived from the American slang word “grungy”, which means “dirty” or “filthy”. Though grunge music has always been popular among a limited yet pretty large audience (let us remind Nirvana grunge band and its huge popularity), grunge as a style and a particular trend influenced many other branches of art, including visual arts in particular. Typography or the art of digital fonts design has now many vivid representatives of grunge fonts. Having distinct appearance and certain emotional coloring, grunge fonts are still highly popular among both amateur and professional designers throughout the world.

We have collected here 70 really cool and high quality grunge fonts for our readers to be able to estimate the esthetic and practical value of such fonts for multiple graphic design projects. Whether it is a charismatic website design or a unique alternative-style logo, grunge font is definitely among the core elements to consider. Virtually any grunge font has its own unique and distinct appearance with a common use of grungy backgrounds and fancy structural elements of every letter. Generally speaking, grunge fonts can often be perceived as graphic masterpieces, because they look like a holistic art piece with many graphical elements joined by a single stylistic concept rather than a font in its traditional understanding. This selection of Grunge fonts, presented here, is a gift for Cruzine readers from our friends at Fonts2.com – the biggest font repository online with hundreds of thousands of free fonts in multiple categories and styles for Windows and Macintosh.

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