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Bright and inviting, these posters do not only fulfill their primary task, such as announcing some event and inviting people to visit it, but they also carry a significant esthetic load, making people stop by and contemplate a particular poster, which is often not only an example of contemporary advertising media, but art piece as well. Cruzine magazine has selected some bright and prominent examples of modern posters, where a creative idea or concept is wrapped up with the best designing techniques, offered by modern graphic design industry.

Whether it is a dance club party, art festival, or a training workshop – an arresting poster, placed in some crowded locations, can easily fulfill its main duty and attract people’s attention. Moreover, if the poster was created with the art in mind, such announcement will attract the attention of not only its target audience, but also of those, who like street art, modern art, or simply like to enjoy some fresh graphic art without visiting a gallery.

The fiesta of colors, unbelievable visual effects, backgrounds and shapes, the quintessence of meaning – and all these expressed on a relatively limited media of 27 per 40 inches. As a matter of fact, posters have already moved from the field of purely commercial products into the universe of artworks. Though many posters are used for reproduction of famous artworks and paintings, some posters themselves became extremely valuable masterpieces. Just to give one example here, let’s mention the Metropolis film poster from 1927, which was sold in 2005 for more than half a million dollars (USD 690 000 to be exact).

Poster by Matei Apostolescu


No smoking Poster 1 by Stanimir Bikovski

Peace For All by Farshid Fardi Monfared


BE.ABROAD Poster by Mert Senturk

Remix poster by Siti

Funke – Terry Francis Poster by Sébastien Nikolaou

Fashion frenzy poster by Ross

Poster, Graphic Battle 4 by Michal Galubinski

Heaven Sent Club by Elena Savitskaya

Robot earth 3009 poster by Tom Whalen


Creative Tempest Poster by Steve Goodin

Rock Poster by Rui Ricardo

Speaker Poster v3 by Matt Nagy


Massive Attack Poster by Steve Goodin

J23 poster by Michael

Jazzfest 2008 Poster by Kristina Miletieva

Poster by Mateusz Sypien

Anonymous poster by Steven Weeks

Anno 08 Poster predesign by Stijn Verplancke

Soul Seasons Event Poster by Ice Arrojado Basit

Artifical Intelligence Poster by Laura

Jul 07 – Christmas Poster by Pär Wessmark

El Tigre 2007 ComiCon 2 by Jorge R. Gutierrez

Randall Flagg Show Poster 12-2 by Ryan

Shindig Poster by Al Curtis

DADAISM Exhibition Poster V.2 by Gabriel

Poster for a party by Tomas Verheyen

AP10 – Festival Poster by daGroove

SpringShow Poster idea 1 by Kenji Enos

Anno 09 Poster by Stijn Verplancke

Monday poster by HJ

FAGG Austin Poster by Aaron Flynn

XnusART promotional poster by Matt

The Burton Poster by Fabien Manuel

Macoco 6 years anniversary by Mariano Ceballos

Benny Benassi At Venus izmit by Can Akyurek

aABIfari – Poster by Rob Shepherd

Cristmassive06 poster by Pauser

ART Room Poster by Ian

Hope Street Markets Poster by Karl


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