Typography in Art or Art in Typography?

Typography as a specific technique of arranging type, typefaces and glyphs design has a very long history of the development and evolution. However, only with the wide popularization of digital fonts at the end of 20th century, the art of typesetting has become really widely popular, making it possible for any computer user to become a typographer and experiment with fonts, typefaces, point sizes, leadings, etc., and even create his own unique fonts or typefaces.

Multiple digital fonts spiced up with unique visual effects and interesting conceptual ideas have received a wide use in advertising industry, logo and banner design, website design and graphic art in general. Playing with fancy letter lines and forms, bright backgrounds and pointed words – graphic designers and advertising experts are capable of creating real masterpieces. What is interesting to note is that every such graphic project has its own specific and unrepeated character or temper. Actually, one of the motive forces for creating multiple fonts in typography is the need of adding specific emotional coloring to the text. Viewing the examples of modern typography ideas, selected in this Cruzine showcase, you can see the graphics, reflecting multiple emotions – from pretty aggressive and scary to enigmatic and to really hot, funny and pompous ones.

So, the works below are vivid illustrations of symbiosis between a creative idea, typography, and graphic design. Which of these constituents of the successful project should receive the laurels of primacy? The answer to this question is up to you, our dear reader…

HMF by HandMadeFont

Selected Lettering by Chris Piascik

Type Treatments by Sean Freeman

HMF WTF by HandMadeFont

Slinkytype by Paul Hollingworth

Handmade font by HandMadeFont

Assorted Typographic Designs by T M Addison

Type by HandMadeFont

Diary Type 01 by Vladimir Koncar

Types by HandMadeFont

Types 2 by HandMadeFont

Diary Type 02 by Vladimir Koncar

Types 3 by HandMadeFont

Type 2 by HandMadeFont

Types 4 by HandMadeFont

Font is not what you see by HandMadeFont


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