Legendary Dragons in Modern Graphic Designers Interpretation

Thousands of myths about the appalling creatures called dragons can be found in the folklore of practically every country. Although every nation describes them differently, endowing with some peculiar characteristics (for example, existence or absence of the bat-like wings, front legs, feathers or scales, etc.), all of us equally feel irrational fear of them. There is no single theory as for the reason or source of myths about dragons; however, some scientists suggest that fossil remains of dinosaurs – animals people have never seen alive, but witnessed their tremendous remnants – gave raise to the legends about huge, furious, fire-breathing creatures.

Dragons look imposing, fear-inducing, invulnerable, and invincible. They are characterized with supernatural power, sharp eye, wisdom, longevity and surely rage. Scientists suggest that mythological dragons just like large cats, snakes, and birds of prey possess the features a human being has an inherited instinctive fear of.

These legendary winged animals with serpentine and reptile features are not less popular today: they are featured in the movies and literature, portrayed on the art paintings, and often used on the logos of gothic bands.

Our Legendary Dragons showcase offers you a chance to learn the modern interpretations of dragons. It looks like creative graphic designers will never run short of the ideas and ways of presenting these legendary creatures to the audience. Here you can find the dragons made of still and mist, those flying above the clouds and the ones crawling on the ground; here they inspire fear and… even make kids laugh! There is no mistake here: these days dragons are not solely furious creatures, on the contrary, they are sometimes depicted as funny and clumsy weird animals. View the showcase here and see for yourself!

Dragon by Jang Keun-Chul

Dragon Crash by Viktor Titov

Dragon by Chase Stone

Dragon by Mar-ka

Dragon 3 by Mauricio Herrera

Dragon Mage by Kerem Beyit

Eklow The Dragon by Sagitarii

Black Dragon by treijim

Battle Dragon by Kerem Beyit

Eternal Dragon by Jason Engle

The Abstract Dragon by JS Rossbach

Carrot Run by Bobby Chiu & Kei Acedera

Dragon III by Differentego

The Copper Dragon by Nicolás Peña

Fire Dragon by Loopydave

+Dragon+ by Louanne

Chinese Dragon Cartoon by Carlos Eulefí

Welsh Flag – The Red Dragon by Andy Jones

Dragon Mountains by Jason Juta

The Dragon by TheOutcast1821

Lich Dragon by Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe

Cave Dragon by Richard Raidel

The Red Dragon by Clio

Winged dragon by Skratek

Brass Dragon by Ben Wootten

Nezha fight the dragon by Nguyen Phuoc Thien

Dragon Fight by Bent Holm

Dragon Knight by Melanie Matthews

VECTOR DRAGON by caziman

Spikey dragon by Sheil

Dragon Seahorse by David Bollt

Five horned Western Dragon by Solait Moore

Dragon’s Morning Brew by rebel-penguin

Earthquake dragon by Robert Brown

Earth Elemental Dragon by Michael Jaecks

Dragon resurrection by Juan R. Gessinger

Mystic dragon by Dinh Airawanwat

Soup Dragon by Hannah McGill

Perching Dragon by Jill Johansen

Fire Dragon by carra

Brass by Kerem Beyit

Bronze by Kerem Beyit

Dragon II by Sheil

Seiryuu by Vyrilien

Dragon lance by Steve Harpster

Karnun by JS Rossbach

FIRE and ICE by Nick Deligaris

My Dragon Pet by Victoria Maderna

Dragon by SnakeFeast


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