Adding Emotions to Plain Text

It would seem text itself is quite an efficient and all-purpose technique to express meaning, ideas, and thoughts. However, creative minds have found unique ways to add more emotions and specific character even to a plain text. Such emotional coloring can be clearly understood and properly rendered by readers even if the text is written in the foreign language. Actually, the art of decorating the text is closely related to the art of typography. However, the difference here is that typographers focus mainly on the development of the whole alphabet, while text designers mostly work with a particular word or phrase, for example, a brand name or slogan, which may be short, but which needs to be expressive, unique, and appealing.

Very often designers face a truly challenging assignment – to instill their graphics with the true and vivid emotions, closely related to the concept or the key idea of the particular designing project, whether it is a website, logo design, or some fancy advertising or promotional poster. And designers use all the arsenal of techniques, visual effects and image manipulations to fulfill that assignment.  Have a look at the selection of such designing works, featuring text as the core of the project. These are the best illustrations of virtually unlimited opportunities in graphical design. However, at least two core constituents are necessary for creating such real graphically-decorated text masterpieces. First is the unique idea and second is the exceptional graphic designing expertise.

PEACE’ by SanaiChan

Paint by Annie

Intuition Smoke by Dania

Tipografia Gelo by Túlio A. S. Siman

Underdruck by Björn Dammann

Cut into pieces by Tomi

Breakout by Ben Royles

Get Me Out of Here by Dan

Typo Experiment by Jocar Felix

FIRE by Lucy

Zeus by Ammar

Wood effect typo by Ashley

Typography by Fabiano Hikaru Higashi

Typography is Tedious by Derek Long

TYPOGRAPHY with Helvetica by Sara Khanoom

I Love Typography by Stadno

Typography by Kenan Nesibov

Life type by Nik Ainley

Wilderness by Aigars Mamis

MAKE TYPO NOT LOVE by Berk Kizilay

Fresh science word by Nik Ainley

You Are Only Human by Sam

Typography 2 by Aiman Mohd Damanhuri

Creative Thinking by Dave Coleman

Typography Mozart by Enzo Cavalli

Bad Romance by Dean Martin

DUB.TILL.DAWN by Sander Rietdijk

Warp by Kristoffer Hagen

Excessive by Kevin

mba1 by Emek Kalfa-cem Ozkurt

Wonder by Edward Franks

Fresh until death by Andyka

Type treatment – exercise by Martin

Clouds of Design by Arno Van Waeyenberg

Merry christmas by Christopher Køltzow

Sammii by Marcin Stryczek

Do You Know Your ABC’s? by Josie

Outsmoked by Jeffrey Osborne

I am with you always by Jeffrey Osborne


A Very Lazy Tutorial by 3rror404

I am only here to win by Isa


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