Hot Sport Photography – The Art of Catching Moments

While Spain is still celebrating its great victory on FIFA World Cup 2010 and Paul the Octopus is still receiving storms of applause for its unbelievably accurate predictions of the football matches outcomes, Cruzine also decided not to pass by the sport theme and hereby offers its readers the selection of hot sport photographs. Actually, sport has always been a popular target for the professional photographers. Filled with extreme dynamics, action, and thrill, often it is only the photography which can catch the moment and show the true heat of struggle for victory.

At the same time, this extreme speed and action of sport places a specific requirements for both technical equipment of a photographer and his skills and expertise. Whether it is a racing, swimming or a football game, such sport photography is always interesting and attractive, because it shows the true emotions of sportsmen and their urge for victory.

Looking at the pictures below, it is getting clear that there are two major keys to the success of sport photography: one key is held by sportsmen themselves, who create exceptionally interesting and live moments while struggling for victory, and the other key is definitely in the skills and craftsmanship of photographers, who could catch and fixate those moments from the very best viewpoint.

Obertsdorf by Fourooms & Studio PR

TYR Swimwear by Tim Tadder

2009 Performance by Job Hall

Corbis Soccer Shoot by Tim Tadder

Sports: Building Block to Performance by Mike Campau & Sam Robles

Climbing Rocks by Adam Sebastian West

2009 TYR Triathlon Image Campaign by Job Hall

Surf Life by Chris Hannant

ATV/QUAD photos by Matej Toman

Boxers by Mike Campau

Sports Advertisement Photographs by Joel Grimes

Muay-thai: Knee by Matous Jezek

Muay-thai: Upper cut by Matous Jezek

Beach Soccer B+W by Isac Goulart

Made to Move by Tepid Terrepene

Shuvit Nosegrind by Sutherland Boswell

Sollifjellet by Henri Käck

Chasing air in Verbier by SkiRebel Magazine


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