Creative Photography – People under Water

Creative photographers must have thought or even dreamed about taking pictures under water for a long time. Luckily for them, these days the developing technologies and invention of appropriate devices allow this dream to come true. In fact, one may confidently state that underwater photographs are among the most beautiful, amazing, unexpected, astonishing, and genuine pictures ever.

It is definitely hard work for both photographers and models to create such masterpieces. By the way, today people, namely women, still remain practically the only objects or models in underwater photography. This art requires serious training and certain skills; first of all, the ability to look natural under the water. In addition, it is really advisable to practice holding the breath for as long as possible.

No other technique, environment, substance or technological devices allow achieving such visual effects as those offered to the photographers by water. It ensures the sense of flying, standing in the wind, being in the vacuum… The rays of light cut the depth of water adding an amazing effect to the beauty of the snapshot. Similarly, the bubbles of air in the water create an unbelievably impressive environment a model is surrounded by.

You can visit our showcase here to check out the wonderful results of combination of human creativity and modern technologies embodied in the underwater photography.

Under Water by Edith Valle




Behind The Surface by Nadia Moro

Underwater dance by Mark Mawson

Underwater by Gattaldo

Deep Blue by Daniel Balda

Drowning by Mark Mawson

R.E.M. by Ibai Acevedo

Untitled Underwater by Tamar Levine

Verity by Mark Mawson

Dancing Underwater 2 by Kenvin Pinardy

Set me free… by Sugarock99

Alice by Sugarock99

Primavera by Sugarock99

Abyss by Sugarock99

Sweet Dreams by Beth Mitchell

Underwater Photography by Zena Holloway

Underwater by Barbara Cole

Weeki Wachee spring, Florida, 1947 by Toni Frissel

Ophelia’s Mother by Jolene Monheim


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