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Our showcase below will definitely be of great interest for all our readers, irrespective of age, occupation, gender, or any other differences. This is because it offers multiple works of creative designers featuring cartoon and fairy tale monsters, weird creatures, and unbelievable animals.

Since the time immemorial fairy tales, people created, always told us about a life-and-death struggle between the good, represented by a strong, brave, kind and handsome hero, and the evil – some terrible, ugly, and cruel monster. The appearance, specific features, and character traits of both changed according to the epoch and time requirements.

These days we enjoy not only ancient fairy tales – we have numerous movies and cartoons, where monsters are the main characters. Their specific feature today is not always a bad temper – many cartoon monsters are funny, comic, good-natured, and kind. They are often depicted as creatures, which play with kinds or even guard and protect them.

However, horrible angry monsters are always there too. They are an inherent part of the fiction, because the violent struggle between the good and the evil is a topical problem today as well.

Moreover, modern cartoon art has gone even further: sometimes good and positive monsters look scary and ugly, while cruel ones do not always have horrible and frightful appearance – they can look rather sneaky, sly, freakish, and simply unpleasant.

Check out our pictures and try to guess the nature of those monsters represented there, which ones are bad, and which are good? Now, are you sure of your choice?

Vector art

The Champ by Ivan Bliznak

Lollypop by Buka69

Monster – Series 2 by Dirk Erik Schulz

Sewer Monster by Sarah Kamada

Toilet Monster by Erin

Infiltration by Zim-dez

M2 Creative Monster by arktiari


Lava Bat by James

Dust by Selvatici Fabio

Monster of rock n’ roll by Bruno

Tupoo by Miroslav Kostic

Lover Roy by Miroslav Kostic

Mummy by James


Monster by Randis Albion

Monster Mash by Riana Møller

DMV Monster by Wyatt S. Miles

Halloween Monster by Tsvetelina Valkanova

Forest Monster by Betsy Bauer

Hollow Head by Serj

Towneater by Laura Wächter

.demon by Tien

B-51 by Mikajima

Giant monster attack concept by Ramses Melendez

Owl Bear by Ben Wootten

LOTRO: Mazog Update by Devon Cady-Lee

Monster Grind vol. 1 by Bryce Gunkel

Yes I Am by Smirtouille

Gorgeous by Jinghua Gao

Fun With Horns by PootDamnYou

Character Art by Marco Bucci

Earth Elemental by Nicolás Peña

Inside Out Martian Boy by Diego Almazan

Little fear by Gagatka

Fire Elemental by Nicolás Peña

Monsters and butterflies by Gobeldygook

The junkfood monster by Carl Aspuria

Face to face by David Szabo

Fooshie by Ma. Luisa Gonzaga

From the Sketchbook by German Guzik

Sang Goro Api by Zamzami

Let me love you by Olga Dąbrowska

Creature Doodles by Gaius

Monster-3-Painting by Ahmet ERDOĞAN

Winged Beast by Michael Jaecks

Azathoth by Irene Strychalski

Idiotzard by Katarzyna Buczyłko

Forest Wars by Desmond Wong

Drooling lollipop monster by ChineseWarri0r


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