Playing with Fire – Manipulation with Fire Photographs

Fire and flames have always been so attracting and fascinating for humans. In spite of the hundreds years of exploiting its properties, we are still amazed with the visual and physical effects fire can create. We are charmed with the terrific power, dangerous nature, illusion, and unpredictability of this sometimes tricky and aggressive, usually helpful and vitally important, and always mysterious and enigmatic gift Prometheus presented us with.

They say that fire flames attract our gazes: many of us get captured with their mystic power, unable to take the eyes off. The constant movement of fire, its volatility and vacillation give way to our imagination: multiple various pictures and images, changing each other every single moment, flash before our eyes, and everyone can notice something different pictured by the flames of fire.

No wonder that creative photographers and graphic designers strive to capture those masterpieces on their snapshots and share them with other people. Moreover, fire inspires them to experiment with the visual effects offered by this particular core element of nature. They interpret, make more visible, or even completely transform fire images according to their vision. Graphic designers can add them to the most unexpected objects or create whole pictures using solely fire flames. In any case, their works featuring fire are always eye-catching, expressive, and capable of rendering the idea of the photo in the most dramatic, literary flaming way.

Our Playing with Fire showcase presents the brightest works of graphic designers who adore manipulating and adding visual effects to the fire photographs. You are welcomed to visit our gallery to get acquainted with many faces of fire and find inspiration for your own graphic projects!

The Fire From Within by Eli Gershtein

Fire Dance by Tomasz Szczepuchowski

King of fire by Dean-Site

Rose of Fire by Matheus Rungue

Man on fire by gencebay55

Man Fire by Putra Adi

Fire Spirit by Filmchild

Fire horse by salhi

Bring the Fire by SamiIAm

Bird of Fire by Sagitarii

If water was fire by tedian

Fire Element by acerulez

Fire girl by jaggu79

Oop, she’s on fire by rocksart

F I R E . G O D D E S S by FaerieNymph

Liberty by Drezdany

Woman on fire by Rita Flowers

Heart Of Darkness by ArgentNasrin

Fire Collection 9 by Erik Bekken

Bulb by Vlademareous

Fire princess by whiteyellow

World of Fire by Chris Walton

ManFIre by Putra Adi

Volcano by Rodrigo Batista

Guitar Treble-Clef in Flames by DDL’999

Jessica Alba On Fire by Masojiro

Fire effect by lion85design

Fire Collection 11 by Erik Bekken

Fire Collection 15 by Erik Bekken

Two… by Alper Ergin

Pryo elemento by Handrianto Wardjojo


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