Digital Arts, Featuring Fantastic Sceneries

The world we live in has a very changing nature. Not only styles in architecture evolve, but the whole environment on the Planet Earth changes drastically with every new day. Gifted with unbridled imagination and driven by unsatisfied curiosity, people have always wanted to know how the world will look tomorrow.

Fortunately, the progress of digital graphics and photography industry has opened a new way to paint future sceneries, suggested by graphical artists’ keen imagination. The works, presented in this showcase, show how their authors see some fantastic far-away worlds or the future of our own world. From clearly pessimistic prophecies of civilization decline to the images of ideal utopia world – modern graphical artists did their best to combine their bravest ideas and conceptual visions with the innovative digital techniques.

Enjoy the landscapes on the below pictures. Today, these are just some fancy digital works, which have not much in common with today reality. However, remember that every dream has a chance to get real, and even the most daring suggestion, which seems absolutely impossible today, may come true by tomorrow.

Modern Magic by Vitaly S. Alexius

Thunderstorm by Alexandra Semushina

Kingdom of Eden by Colin

Air Pirates Over Dragonspine by Colin

Imagine if you will – red by Colin

The Three Kingdoms by Colin

A World Forgotten by Colin

Loneliness by Olof Erla Einarsdottir

Caledonia by Phatpuppy

For the Clan of Wallace by Phatpuppy

The Safest Place by Swinspeed

Before you make more promises, by sStranger

Arctic castle by Max Mitenkov

Eilann Donan by xBluepearlx

Requiem for a dream by Amarillis

The Hobbits Empire by Moammer Jaber

Flight by Countess Alexandra

Welcome Home by Phatpuppy

Lost World by Tomasz Szczepuchowski

Matte Painting Avatar by Bliz-Art

Secluded by Marina

Ancient Storm by Marina

Fossaria by Colin

The Cloister 2 by Phatpuppy

..Widerland.. by Emily

FREE.yourself by Ruolin Shi

Points of view by Roberto Oleotto

Gabriel’s Gate by Colin

Land Bridges by Frenic

Pirate Bay by bQbQ

Facing a New World by 3mmI

Avalon Finalised by Siân

Eryldon II by Yu-Jie Yu

Poppy by Louis Olah

Ships that pass in the night by Desmond

Sphinx by Wojciech Magierski

Night by Amarillis

The cursed castle by Firnadi

Manhattan by Łukasz Wiktorzak

S p l e e n by Muriel

Carmina burana by Patrick

Lands of italy by Daniele Gay

2274 by Loisel Jerome

Thorsgate by Colin

Another Matte Painting by Carlos Eulefí

Polar Bear by Dalius

The promised land by Iva

Fools Falls by Leeroi1

North by Sakura Mitsukai

Cityscape 5.0 by Adam Sund

The Lost City by Ecllamelo


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