Fashion Models Photography: The Carnival of Seduction and Art

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them”. Based on these words from the Holy Bible, it is possible to say that a human being (especially, a female is a masterpiece by itself with the true beauty of body and mind. You may or may not believe the holy books, but you should believe your own eyes, aren’t you? Below we offer you the fashion models photography showcase. Have a look at the images and tell us: isn’t it an obvious evidence that a human being is a true crown of Nature’s creations.

Speaking about human beauty and especially about female beauty, where else can you find more beautiful women if not in the fashion or model industry? The beauty of female body has always been an eternal source of inspiration for artists, especially painters. The Birth of Venus (Botticelli), Sleeping Venus (Giorgione), Olympia (Manet), Danaë (Rembrandt painting) – these are just some of the masterpieces to mention here. However, a beautiful woman does not even need to be naked to be appealing, seductive, and alluring. Often it may be even more attractive because it has some secret: the best, the zest is covered by clothing or shade, protected from the staring importunate eyes.

The fascinating magic of the hidden, the power of the unknown, the desire to uncover the enigma – this is what makes the core of the seductive model photography, which lets the imagination of a viewer fly as far as it can. The task of such photos is not only to show the obvious uncovered beauty, but also to give a push to the viewers’ fancy. When a photographer catches the moment, makes the movement or gesture still, freezes the expression to reveal the feelings, thoughts, and spirit of a model, he wants his photos to uncover the soul through depicting the body.

Joana by Emel Bayram

Stream by Donovan Dennis

Where the Wild Things Are. II by Zhang Jingna

Doriana_03 by Aneta Kowalczyk

In circles by Nirrimi Joy Hakanson

Flightless Bird by Rose Bertwistle

Sammya by Emel Bayram

..K.. by Emel Bayram

When You’re Gone III bw by Nikola Borissov

27 ’02 by Przemek Brzoskowski

Anais……… by Emel Bayram

Lucie Fume by Marc Dubord

Carole by Emel Bayram

Martha by Emel Bayram

Alice by Emel Bayram

Raluca 2 by Emel Bayram

Elin by Emel Bayram

Cristina Micu by Birdu Vlad

Pocketful of Dreams by Anny

Haunting ground II by Robin Alfian

Black and light V by Mehmet Turgut

Hair Fashion 04 by Utdesign

Blacky Marych by Mateusz Ligocki

Hat by Mateusz Ligocki

BN 2 by Maurizio Fantini

Mirror 4 by Maurizio Fantini

Sara by Maurizio Fantini

Short by Maurizio Fantini

Ice Skates by Maurizio Fantini

Ensemble by Maurizio Fantini

Tired of dreaming by Anny

Mar_01 by Aneta Kowalczyk

Gracefull period VI by Robin Alfian

LILIEN.zart IV by Silent View Photography

Love mode II by Robin Alfian

Summer has come II by Robin Alfian

Kirsten by Peter Coulson

Eye of Alicia by Peter Coulson

Alicia XII by Peter Coulson

Alicia VIII by Peter Coulson

In a state by Remigiusz Kozdra

Black II by Remigiusz Kozdra

Desert Storm by Lina Tesch

Love Don’t Let Me Go by Lina Tesch

Philosopher’s stone by Andrey Eroshkin

Danger by Gidiculus


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