Wild Animals – Dangerous, Still Cute

When we hear a phrase “wild animals” we most of the times picture some defiant, unbridled, uncontrolled, severe and dangerous species in our minds. Wildlife is often treated by us, modern people – deeply socialized, civilized, and urban to the marrow of our bones – as something threatening and even deadly. Who knows, maybe it’s the psychological impact of the horror movies featuring poisonous spiders, sneaky lizards, and giant crocs, and multiple TV programs about Mother Nature living creatures, which quite often summarize their animals descriptions emphasizing something like: “Look out, it’s dangerous!”

It’s true, they are dangerous indeed; however, we should not let irrational fear grow in our souls, for later it will prevent us from seeing and realizing how gracious, beautiful, grand and self-confident wild animals can be. Moreover, in some situations their behavior can be even nobler than that of the human beings… It is also true that they are not greedy, envious, and ill-tempered. They do not gossip and never attack for no reason. Perhaps, there are even some things we can learn from animals…

Our wild animals showcase features the photos of various species representatives. They are cute, funny, curious, grotesque, imposing and also fear-striking, so you definitely will not be bored while browsing this gallery. In the long run, it may remind you about the environment we live in, and no matter how hard we try to get more civilized, we still belong to the creations of the Nature.

Dark Zoo by Nicolas Evariste

Golden snub nosed monkey by In Cherl Kim

On This Earth by Nick Brandt

ERA PROPRIO BUONO!! by Maurizio Peddis

Life and death by Suha Derbent

Golden Monkey by In Cherl Kim

Snake macro by Scott Thompson

Someday son, this will all be yours by Mike Holst

Zoo animals 16 by Chris Kaula

Zebra Contrast by Oliver Op de Beeck

Zebra LUV by Cenkphoto

Aegis by Kuba

Magic Moments… by thrumyeye

Yoohoo by Viktoria

Hope by Thrumyeye

Africa Lions 6351 by Sooper-Deviant

Humpback on The Horizon by Curos

Elephant VI by Sebastian Klingk

High Key Fox by thrumyeye

Siberian Tiger 9 by Suha Derbent

ShaRkr by Cem Karabulut

Mandril by Ricardo La Piettra

Sloth Baby by Devon

Let the Teeth do the Talking by Kuba

Togetha by thrumyeye

Lions: White Majesty by Markus

CHEETAH by S. Felder

Amur tiger by Lweek

Lemur Catta by Nicolas Evariste

Cebuella pygmaea by Michał Karcz

Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel by Judd Patterson

The Newborn by Michael Garbutt

Panthera leo by Duvall

Zebra by Melanie

Diving by Sam

Mystique by Alannah

Leopardo by Javier Puyol

Akimba: Black Profile by Markus

Proud Wolf 2 by Pali

Little Soul by Denise Soden

Rough Day by Tim Seydell

Caribou by Nicolas Biron

SMILE by Yuri Bonder

Clouded Leopard 03 by Alannah

BW Lion King by Wolfgang Holtmeier

So Angry.. by Sandra

2 Big Mac please by Wolfgang Holtmeier

Gorilla: Amanda’s infant by Rachel

Black Panther 03 by Alannah

Wild Shores by Julie

Hawk by Amanda

Love. by Hobo

Rhino by Alannah

Jigokudani Monkey Park by Rachel

Three-Toed Sloth by Lefty Rodriguez


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