London – the Magnificence and Versatility of the Modern Babylon

“By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show” – said Samuel Johnson once. Indeed, this modern Babylon or just the City has always attracted, always fascinated, and always surprised people. Being one of the globally-important centers of social, financial, and cultural life, London has many purely distinct features, starting from its legendary weather and double-deckers and finishing with the fantastic mixture of old architectural masterpieces with imposing futuristic buildings of today. Naturally, London has always attracted artists, giving them inspiration, allowing more than enough space to reveal all their talents and even playing the leading role for their art performances. By offering you the following London photographs showcase we are not ambitious to show you the whole London, but we hope to give you the evidences of magnificence and unfading glory of this ancient and, at the same time, super-modern city.

London photographs are like the captures of the moments of this great city’s life – each with its unique and specific beauty, energy, and emotions. Digital photography creates even more opportunities for artists to show the true character of London by increasing the contrast or applying specific graphic effects, like black-and-white or sepia, to the pictures. It is even possible to say that making photographs black-and-white helps to concentrate viewers’ attention at the forms instead of dispersing it for a great variety of shades on the color images. Anyway, every artist chooses his own technique when illustrating the city of London, but the common truth is that London has always been and it will always be the powerful and inexhaustible source of inspiration for creative souls and for those, who value the real art masterpieces.

London Old London by Marcin Stawiarz

London: Trafalgar Square by Marcin Stawiarz

London B and W by Robert

All points by Jay

City Hall I by Matthias Hacker

Eight twenty five by Marc

Golden London by Sarah Sabeli

London Eye 2 by Adam Krynicki

Dark City by Sam

Children of Time by Deylac

London Eye – Exploration of Light by Toby

St Paul’s revisited by Sam

Tower Bridge by Michal Budínský

London City Hall Maybe by Marco

St. Paul’s Cathedral by Bucz

Times Gone by Kris

The Beauty of Age by Dipesh Patel

Bettersea Power Station by Robert Gilbert

The Royal Courts of Justice by Jarema

Tower Bridge Black and White by Amanda

Big ben london by Darko

The Realm of Westminster by Dan

London XXVI by Radoslaw Maciejewski

St. Paul’s by Ren Hui Yoong

Skyward by Andrea

St. Paul’s Cathedral III by Bucz

Parliament BW by Erika Lynn

St. Paul’s Cathedral II by Bucz

Lichtbild 4 by Creativvv

National Gallery HDR by Zihao Xu

Westminster… Traditional… by Dominic Marten

London from St. Paul’s Cathedral by Gifj Alpgksomo

Tower 42 by JayDub89

Faris Wheel by Mattias Hamren

Aquarium by James Dolan

Church and Gherkin by Richard Saunders

Da crap coruuptions.. by Thanos Didangelos

Gherkin by Neil Jonze

Front Doors by Tony Taffinder

Adelphi II by Daniel

The Docklands by Frog3D

Westminster by Pawel Domaradzki

Houses of Parlaments 3 by Denis

St. Paul’s Cathedral by Rebecca

London XVII by Radoslaw Maciejewski

National Gallery by Murat Bilecen

London Eye by Takethesedreamsaway

ARC1104 by Oliver Matthews

Streets of London 13 by Dario Zampiron

Stereotypical by Ricky Jones

Wembley Stadium Night Panorama by Joe Mahon

Millenium Dome-O2 Arena by Daniel Clements

Picadilly Circus by Anna

Picadilly Circus by DarkeyeStudio


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