Birds Photography Showcase – the Inspiring Beauty of Birds

Their hearts beat 1000 beats per minute; they can reach speed up to 200 mph and can strike with the power twice as the power of a rifle bullet; most of them can fly forward, but some can also fly sideways and even backwards; some of them can even walk on the water; they vary in size from 1.6 grams to kilograms; finally, their population on Earth estimates between 200 to 400 billion individuals… Have you already guessed who are we talking about? Yeah, of course, birds…

Birds have always played a significant role in the life of humans. As the evidence for this statement, let us remember that in ancient times birds were commonly considered as creatures close to Gods and thus endowed with supernatural powers. Birds were common characters, mentioned in multiple legends and fairy tales. Just to give a few examples, let’s remember the eagle, sent by Zeus to execute punishment to Prometheus, or the white dove, that brought the palm twig to Noah as the sign of new land found after the Deluge.

Birds are truly amazing creatures from many points of view: starting from their unbelievable abilities, such as ability to imitate human voice and finishing with the aesthetically perfect coloring Mother Nature gave to birds. We have collected the photographs of birds just to show how fantastically beautiful they can be. Here you will find a tender hummingbird and a noble eagle, an imposing penguin and a wise owl. Actually, the appearance of birds reflects clearly the character of a particular bird, which makes them close to humans. Browse through this birds showcase and you will see that birds can also be perfect photo models… just like humans.

Birds by Vastatuuli

Birds by Sergio Sanchez

Parus caeruleus by Pawel Spychala

Aggression by Bogdan Boev

Give me a hug by Bogdan Boev

Birds at the beach by Ronaldo

Fly with me by Maciej Karcz

Mishri and Masala by Lexi

Love birds by DancingCavy

Baldie by Martin

The Gannet by Robyn Carter

Thank you… by Steven Wee

His majesty by Lucie Jiránková

Picus viridis by Michal Mierzejewski

Vulture by Notcontrolfreaky

Lipstick by Ruberman Rodriguez

Collared Dove by Zac

She’s got the look by Naki

Psycho bird by Tammie

Gull in black and white by Sandra

Owls talk by Lilia Tkachenko

Aviator by Chris S.

Pelecanus by Nicolas Evariste

Screaming eagle by Jim Gintner

Black ‘n white by Thrumyeye

Pelican by photodream

The free bird by Christine Amat

Bald eagle portrait by Nick

Juvenile red-tailed hawk by Shawn

Penguin overlords by Kirsten Wahlquist

Heron’s morning catch by Renant Hong Cheng

MaMaMa by Hobo

Hey, baby by Papik Ádám

Peacock by Grzegorz

Respire by Dickie

Wild grey heron by Joel

Snow owl by Gert Vanautgaerden

Tufted puffin portrait by Daniel Gaworski

Fratercula arctica by Piotrek

His majesty by Stephan Amm

Fischer’s lovebird by Lucy

Eyes by Annie

Overgrown hen by Paula

Emerald in the morning light by Peter T Wang

Gull by Karolina Gajcy

Carrion Crow by David

Free by Olivier


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