Aliens Gallery – Is the Truth Out There?

The conceptual seeds of alien characters, created by science-fiction literature and Holywood blockbusters, have always successfully reached the fertile soil of creative artists’ unbridled imagination, giving us new and new unbelievable, sometimes repulsive (remember the Aliens from James Cameron film) and sometimes really funny and amusing (like Sulley from the Monsters, Inc.) suggestions on how aliens may look…

The unknown has always created sufficient amount of space, allowing human imagination to “draw” the missing parts of a whole picture; and in this regard drawing aliens is just a perfect application, where graphical artists can give free rein to their imagination and create creatures from the far away planets and galaxies. The following alien gallery is our selection of digital graphics, featuring different alien creatures: from clearly ugly and hostile to relatively innocuous beings… However, no matter how they look, aliens as well as the literature, movies, web projects, and computer games with aliens playing the key roles will always attract attention of wide audience, making people return to the question still unanswered: “Are we the only living beings in the Universe?

Alien Queen by Frederick

Alien by Meagan

Harvey the Alien by Aaron Sims

Alien by Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray

Alien Concept 2, Signs by Aaron Sims

Alien creature by Daniel Lundkvist

Alien Concept 1, Signs by Aaron Sims

Alien Portrait by Jerad S Marantz

Alien Soldier 2 by Jerad S Marantz

Speed paint cute alien 19 min by Axel Torvenius

ALIEN by Ken Liang

Maian Shock-trooper by Ryan Firchau

Ne idugu belirsiz by Ertaç Altınöz

Fred by Jerad S Marantz

Alien Warrior by Aaron Sims

Alien Concept by David Giraud

Zbrush 3 by George Krallis

You believe me, don’t you? by Matt Mills

Alien creature by Guterres

Verix Model by Ed Britton

Bigguy by Carles Gonzalez

The mist 001 by John Cherevka

Alien by Chung

Alien v1 by Anmazol

Bugfinished by Chris

Sucker by Mike Corriero

A Fowl Creature by MeckanicalMind

Bug by Sascha Kozacenko

Alien by Stafan Peev

Meat monster by Pecs

Robot alien by Hernan Antonio Llano Duque

Dude by Maurice Panisch

Cherntarious :: Pose by Adel Sanoussi


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