Using Unique Graphics to Represent Your Company

Your company’s products and services are represented and advertised by the logo and branding that you choose; by utilizing unique graphics to design your company’s signature, your business will stand out from its competition. Used as effective marketing tools, company branding stands as a symbol that not only represents your company, but also your products or services and the type of customer service that you want to portray to your customers.

Companies that have been in business for decades and are well-known for their products or services normally have a unique brand logo that people recognize and are familiar with. The logo below, for instance, has represented the Nike brand for over 30 years and can stand alone, without the Nike name, and still be recognized.

Long Lasting Logos

The above logo inspires a reaction in children all over the world when they see it on the side of the road. Usually, the big yellow “M” means that some hot, greasy food is right around the corner. Even children that cannot yet read know what the yellow arches represent. McDonalds has been represented by its big and bright capital “M” since April 15, 1955, and continues to use the same branding symbols since the day that they opened.

There are hundreds of companies that can be identified by one letter, just the font and color of the letter and the background that it is positioned against sends a flag to our brains. After seeing a logo over and over again, it becomes automatically associated with that brand or company. For instance, the letters in the block below each stand for a specific brand or business. Can you figure out which ones they are?

Modifications to Logos

It is normal to modify branding when it is time for a fresh appearance; a company may want to create a slight change after many years of being in business and advertising the same logo.  Maybe the business has grown much larger or the targeted clientele is different than when the doors first opened. Maybe the owners did not realize the impact that logos make on the customers when it was first designed, and now want to create a better symbol to represent the company. Or, maybe it is simply time to update the appearance in an effort to target and attract a new group of customers.

Over the years, logos may modify in either simple ways or change completely to create a new and unique presentation of the company.

Pepsi has slightly tailored their logo throughout the years, adding darker colors and changing their unique red, white, and blue swirl inside the circle. Just recently, Pepsi decided to update their branding with a fresher logo that tilts the swirl upwards, as pictured below, rather than side to side.

Pepsi logo evolution

Regardless of the reasons to redesign a company logo, modifications can impact a company in either a positive or negative light. Extra care must be taken when modifying an existing logo for a company and testing and assessing the new logo should be part of the process.

Hundreds of surveys have been conducted on the Internet to request feedback on the newest logo for Pepsi products. There are mixed emotions about the new logo, but most answers are revealing that even the people that do not like the new logo are not changing their soda pop preference to a non-Pepsi product. Regardless of the packaging, a true Pepsi fan will continue to drink it whether they like the logo or not.

If you love your company logo, but after several years or decades of being in business, your branding appears washed out and needs a fresh new surfacing to symbolize your company in its current standing, a simple modification of the colors and shapes may be all that is necessary. Remember, though, that your existing customers may also experience what Pepsi drinkers are feeling: I like the product, but not the new logo.

Creating Custom Branding for Your Business

If you have not designed a custom logo for your business, there is no better time than the present. Creating a unique logo for your business that can be added on all of your advertising and promotional items can be fun, but it also may be tedious and frustrating. Here are some pointers to get you started in the right direction toward the perfect logo for your business.

  • Brainstorm how you want your business to appear to customers or clients in terms of value, quality, and service.
  • Hire a graphic designer to help you construct your logo, from the brainstorming to the final product. They have the designing expertise and experience to assist you with achieving the exact branding that you desire. Supply the designer with any relevant and unique information about your company that could possibly inspire branding ideas.
  • Research your competition and the logos that they have chosen to use. You want your logo to be completely different and unique from the branding that they are advertising in order to appear exclusive.
  • Assess an assortment of colors and shapes for both positive and negative effects within your particular industry. Are there any logos, shapes, or colors that represent a negative association within your line of work? What positive shapes and colors can you use in your design?
  • Once you have a preliminary design sketched out for your logo, show it to your family and friends and maybe even some of your best clients for feedback. They might have ideas that you and the designer have not considered.
  • With all of the time and effort invested in your new logo, it would be smart to trademark it in order to protect the idea from being replicated.

The final product of a company logo is, beyond the tedious and the frustrating steps, extremely exciting and invigorating. Bringing your logo to fruition and adding it to your business cards, letterheads, packaging, and signs, is another tiresome, and possibly costly, step that should be taken. Once the logo has been added to everything that advertises and represents your company, though, you have branded your company in a positive light and are ready to send those advertising materials out to the public to promote your business with its new and unique logo.

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Cruzine Logo Design: What Do You Think? Did We Do Our Homework?

When putting this article together, I figured it would be a good idea to show you a few concepts that we were working with before we decided to select our current logo. Instead of choosing a “magazine” related logo, we were aiming for something which was strongly brandable and cool.


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