Graffiti Art: Waiting for Public and Official Acknowledgement

Graffiti or street wall art has always been treated as one of the controversial issues: a craft, which some call art, while others despise. Everyone, though, will agree with a description of graffiti as picturesque and vivid, versatile and diverse, unusual and unexpected. The least what it can do is to attract attention; however, multiple graffiti paintings charm, amaze, fascinate, and even shock. They are capable of making us smile about something funny and think about serious life issues. They do not require us to find free time and visit a gallery or something – they are here, at hand every other day. These wall paintings are always creative, genuine, coming from the soul of an author, and truly beautiful. In fact, what other feelings must a painting arouse to be called a masterpiece of art?

It is clear that graffiti has deeply penetrated and settled in our contemporaneity. Let’s face it: it’s time for us to finally acknowledge that many of those who paint on the buildings’ walls and fences can surely be called artists. If you support this point of view, you will be interested in our large collection of graffiti paintings. Moreover, if you disagree, do not hesitate to watch the best examples of street wall art at our site – maybe they will make you change your points of view!

Magic Picnic by FoRe-F

The Golden One by Saim

EndEndStudio by Szc

Blanka by Da French Touch

WALL2 by Lora Zombie


Birdo by Neil Hanvey

Changing wall part 5 by N4T4

Jubilee skate park face1 by N4T4

Ying-Yang 2010 megafallas by Fore-F

Stuff You Love by Saim


Xtreme sports bcn 09 by Flannmd

Dilom transformers by Dilom

Against_the_grey by Spit

Carpaint by Tron

Another Dimention by MEKS413

Number one in tha hood G by RietOne

TERMINATOR by Zincnite crew

FLAT jungle window full by Sarah

Sunday ramp by N4T4

Yoga Flame by RietOne

HUAT CAT by Antz81

Skate park head 2 by N4T4

Janna and the lego vandals by Avivi Aharon

ARTotale – DAIM by Sebastian Hager

Pinks GRAFFINT by Graffiti Metropolitano MX

SLIG by Encho Koichev

Xekin Festival 2009 by FoRe-F


Jazz hostel New York by Aaron Li-Hill

Sin City-wall by Jouni Väänänen

Mining for joy by Neil Hanvey

ANGLE by Raul

Peak soldat bday by Peter Peaker

Blue flames by Shepa

Nash paris by Nash

Octopussy by Flannmd

Bronx a year ago by Nash

An Affair With Vanity by Jason Serres

Soloenutmajeur by Le-Drow

Niero Style by Graffiti Metropolitano MX

Kiss canvas by Jakob

Jimi Hendrix Graffiti Stencil by Victor Cavalera

Wall by Lindsay

Bowling Club Gunge by Weedle


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