Smoke and Fire – the Eternal Source of Inspiration

There is definitely something enigmatic and primeval in the burning fire. Whether it is fire in your fireplace or campfire somewhere among the pristine nature – it has definitely some unexplored power in it, which goes far beyond conventional definition in physics, explaining the fire as a rapid, persistent chemical change that releases heat and light and is accompanied by flame. It is not in vain that people say fire is among the things, one can watch without taking his eyes off.

There is also one more interesting thing about fire – watching it frozen on a photograph. Fire, as well as smoke, which is its consequence and satellite, are very dynamic, capable of changing their shape, color and form within a fraction of a second. Imagine how many new things we can learn about fire, catching all those moments with a digital camera. Indeed, fire and smoke photographs open the whole new way to look at fire, revealing new and unexplored faces of this basic element on Earth, once stolen from gods and presented to people by Prometheus…

Smoke photography

Smoke by Gorky

Smoke by Milo Villatoro

Smoke Trails 3 by Graeme Pattison

Smoke Stock 002 by Michael Ross

Smoke by Tom R

Smoke by Timm

Candle smoke by Jonathan Godwin

Sweet, Sweet Smoke by Stephen

Smoke 5 by Ross Willett

Up in Smoke by Illpadrino

Smoke by Zac

Smoke 024 by IsoStock

Chromatic Smoke Wallpaper by Aren Tan

Smoke by Ilco Trajkovski

Smoke by Peter ‘Piotr’ Szmidt

Smoke by Oleg Podzorov

Smoke no. 1 by Krystian S

Smoke by Prabin

Smoke 036 by ISOStock

Smoke by Brian

Purple smoke by Matt Kelly

Smoke III by Popescu Silvestru Alexandru

Smoke 025 by ISOStock

Smoke, or Snake’s Head by Radek

Smoke Jellyfish by Sheharzad Arshad

Experiment: Smoke 5 by Chad Alan

Smoke it away by Ana

Smoke And Flame by Marcus

Smoke by Roy Huetink

Fire Photography

Fire by Francesco

Fire by Liran

Fire Dancers by Talented Child

Fire by Kadox

On fire by Lizeth

Fire Dancing and Spinning I by Laura

The Ring Of Fire II by Laura

Fire image by Maija Haavisto

Fire Dance by Diane

By the Fire by Lilly

Fire 1 by Rya

Ice on Fire – No Ice by Dead Fish

Dancing with Fire by Eugene Hopkinson

Fire by Cezara

By The Fire by Josh

Fire in the sky by Mert

Fire Poi by Jacob Ellwood

Fire-Eater by Matteo Bombardi

Fire breather by Jorge Pinhero

Fire I by Geo

Fire Ball by Mathieu

Fire by Jalokin

Fire by Transient Bang

Training with fire by Andrei

Fire by Otalicus

Nothing beats real fire by Ellyn Ong


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