Fantasy Illustrations – The Amazing World of Fairy Tales

People say that grown-ups always want to return to their childhood, escaping from the world of reality to the world of fairy tales. Maybe this is the reason why fantasy trend is so popular these days in movies, fashion, and other creative arts. Fantasy digital illustrations with really magnificent and magic visual effects, created in Photoshop or CorelDraw, seem to be one of the ways, leading grown-up children back to their dream land.

What are the characteristic features of fantasy illustrations? Well, I would say there are many of them, starting from absolutely fantastic color combinations, which you can hardly find in real life, and finishing with fairy characters, such as elves and sprites. However, maybe the major peculiarity, which differs fantasy illustrations from other digital art samples, is that special feeling of magic, adventure, and undiscovered worlds, which is somehow rendered by artists in their digital creations.

Anima: Fate goddess by Wen

Hand of the jade dragon by Mario Wibisono

Shiba Tsukimi by Mario Wibisono

Fire Demon by Wen

Charon by Andrew Hou

Otako Naoko by Mario Wibisono

BLOOD by Guangjian Huang

Sacrifice by Andrew Hou

The dragon’s domain by Natalia

Tragedy in the sky by Andrei Pervukhin

Gaze and stare by Minna Sundberg

Sasha n the fairy by Melani Sie

La cima by Alfonso Pardo Martínez

Chockwave front by Minna Sundberg

Sylph by Natasha

The fire dance by Tata

Mornfalma by Dima

The final challenge by Dan LuVisi

Desecrated source of magic by Alexander

Demogorgon by Andrew Hou

Notherrrr elf by Dave Rapoza

Making friends by Rogie Custodio

Broken promise by Mark Jordan

Shed demon prince 3 by Israel Breslav

The ominous day by Drayok

Belcheresk by Andrew Hou

Once in the woods by Andrei Pervukhin

Loco motive by Riana Møller

Final battle by Viktor Titov

Huntin drows by Dave Rapoza

The bridge by Dave Rapoza

Tauren shaman by Dave Rapoza

Guys turn into lions by Dave Rapoza

Fire Drake by Sansyu

Magma monolith by Andrew Hou

O.V.E.R by Thanh


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