Architecture: modern exterior showcase

The development of novel building materials and innovative construction techniques together with the most brave and unusual creative ideas in designing have already formed a new vision in architecture. From refurbished modernistic ideas to vivid futurism and abstractionism – these trends are no longer used exclusively in painting and sculpture. Modern architects, armed with powerful designing tools, as ArchiCAD and other specialized computer applications, are capable of making modern exterior design really unique and fascinating. What is even more important – many of such ideas have already been realized in real-life environment.

A great portion of modern architecture exterior designs have become real masterpieces and can now serve as the evidences of modern architecture achievements. These are the showcases, demonstrating both the capabilities of modern construction industry and creativity of human mind. Many projects, represented below, can themselves be used as sources of inspiration for creating next new, fresh, and even more unexpected and unusual exterior styles in architecture.

Modern Exterior by Aukon

Modern mountains by Mattias

Modernia by Alisdair Miller

New Modern by Tom Ashmore

Shining blue building by HibiDaKing

Modern Exterior III by Aukon

Modern Era by Febian Nurrahman Saktinegara

Reach by Alisdair Miller

Mirrored sky by Christopher

Eggshaped by Stefan Nielsen

Modern Bricks by Silvio Ilia

Circumvention by Mike

Stata Center I by Amanda Kielley

Future giants 2 by Alisdair Miller

Old, Not so Old, modern by Albert Gouws

Glass castles by Alisdair Miller

Ultimate destination by Christopher

Reichstag Dome by Ren Hui Yoong

Lines by Kris

Art Of Patterns 2 by Alex

Rechtecke by Stefan T.

Mode Gakuen by Mike

Metallic by Riccardo Carlet

Reach for the sky 2 by Alisdair Miller

Birmingham Bullring by Ben James

Hafencity Hamburg 2 by Matt Storm

Modern Tower by Chip Talbert

Lloyd’s by Adam Noble

From Gehry’s Mind by Peer

Perfect shapes by Giugiz

Hirschorn by Michael

Lloyds Building London by Hasan Yildiz

Library by Simon Levitner

Steel angel by Mark Mulder

The Complex Close up by Joey

Small Forever by Candace Miller

Sage by Rye Smith

The Sage I by Grey Champion

The Dancing Building (Taneční dům) by Anca Varsandan

Valencia – Calatrava 1 by Michael Zimmermann

Modern times by Martin

Cone vulcane by Hakalenn

Shaded Cell Euphoria by Michael Morana

Grande arche et la defense by Mikula Platz

Frank’s Storm by Demetrius Gonzalez

Transformer building by Jakob

Building 2 by Marek Oršulík

Pompidou by Rita

Colosseo Quadrato by Kyle Emmerson

Gneiss facade by Raphael Zenhäusern


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