Inspiring Interface Designs

Did you watch Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Eragon, Pirates of the Caribbean, or brand-new Avatar or Prince of Persia? Did you play Doom and Mortal Combat? Or, maybe, you have an account for Travian online game? If you have at least one positive answer for these questions – I am sure you will enjoy the interface designs presented below.

I believe the movies mentioned at the beginning did at least one good thing – they reintroduced an amazing world of fantasy to the wide audience. They also became a powerful source of inspiration for graphical artists and web designers, who used the themes of fantasy in their creative works – from website layouts to media player and browser themes and interfaces.

However, fantasy-like design is not only about mysterious creatures and landscapes, it is also always about adventure and struggle. That is why, some of the interface design samples, listed below, feature really strong influence of military, gothic, and cosmic styles. Anyway, it is better to watch the graphics than to read about it, so that will do with the words, just open your mind, activate your imagination and enjoy these interface designs.

Combat system interface by Anton Wiklund

Rusty interface by Anton Wiklund

Zelda universe interface by Anton Wiklund

Masters of Belial interface by Anton Wiklund

Iron grip interface by Anton Wiklund

ImmortalMedia V2 interface by ImmoRtalMedia

IMD splash page v2 interface by ImmoRtalMedia

Encide battlebay interface 24 by bl4ckzero

Interface 10 by bl4ckzero

Gears of war locust interface by beatsta

My battlebay step at Encide interface by Jimmy Björkman

Battle bay step 42 interface by enzudesign

Battlebay step interface by alighandour

BattleBay step 11 interface by Axel N

Encide battlebay step 01 interface by Tim Silva

Step12 for battlebay interface by xdreamer

Encide battlebay interface by Rob Faller

Battlebay entry – orange interface by Henri Palm

Battlebay entry – blue-green interface by Henri Palm

Encide battlebay interface by Beneath – Aurora

Player encide interface by Alan Juarez

Encide battlebay step interface by Philipp Meichsner

KiD Wallpaper interface by Philipp Meichsner

My battlebay step interface by C4br4x1z

Pandamonium battlebay interface by ZelnickDesigns

IRON EGG battle bay interface by ZelnickDesigns

Second battle bay step interface by ZelnickDesigns

POD.249 interface by ZelnickDesigns

Artificial Intelligence interface by Sascha Zemke


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